About Us

Radmix Worldwide

Radmix™ is a worldwide leader in the manufacturer of Steel and Synthetic fibres and has manufacturing partners located throughout the world, providing a global ordering network.  Radmix™ product is utilised by such leading companies as BASF, BHP and Rio Tinto for a diverse range of medium to large scale construction projects worldwide.

Building a Partner Network

Radmix™ is a company that specialises in providing turnkey solutions in the manufacturing and technology of steel and synthetic fibres. It's aim is to establish a network of successful partners worldwide to supply its cost effective Fibre product. Radmix™ Partners will be provided a Turnkey Fibre Plant Solution utilising advanced Radmix™ Machinery.

Designed and built under Radmix™ specifications, the Radmix™ Fibre Machines can produce synthetic fibres as well as either slit sheet, wire or stainless steel fibres. These fibres can also be manufactured at different shapes and sizes to suit industry needs. We also have complemented this state-of-the-art technology with Radmix™ designed and built disbursing and parallel packing machines.

Ray Desmond and Hon. John Howard

Chairman's Background

Mr Raymond Desmond has extensive experience in the construction industry. For over three decades he has been directly involved in a range of medium to high rise construction projects in Australia.

Since 1995, Mr Desmond has specialised in the manufacture and supply of steel and synthetic fibre technologies and their diverse applications in concrete construction. He established Radmix™ and its unique range of machinery in 2001 after an intensive six year period of research and development.

Mr Desmond continues to strive toward increasing a growing base of Radmix™ Partners in varied regions of the world, enhancing the world class steel fibre technology Radmix™ offers to this select group.